United Exclusives Members Rules and Regulations

The following is a list of rules and regulations that ALL members of United Exclusives must follow. If any one of these rules or regulations are broke we reserve the right to remove you from the club, further more remove you from using our Trademark. Our goal here in UE is to have fun, but we must ensure safety of our members and the well-being of our communities.



*All members must have a purchase a membership

*We ask that members attempt to be active within their chapter 

*Attending meets/events is NOT required but highly encouraged! Register under United Exclusives when multiple chapters are attending!

*All Jeeps, Cars, SUVs, Bikes, SxS and Trucks are allowed to be a part of UE whether audio, performance, full mud truck, off road build, or show vehicle

*Members must bring a good name to the club-otherwise will be kicked out by local Chapter and placed on ban list

*During Club events members must follow rules of that event whether its no burnouts, no train horns, ETC.

*At club events there will be a ZERO TOLERANCE of destruction of the property we are using- depending on any damage and amount of damage law enforcement will be called by event holders and that member will be responsible-also resulting in getting kicked out

*During any drives to events members will follow all traffic laws, President and VP will always be at the front of the line

*Zero tolerance for any member vs member fights, we are here to have fun not cause drama, this isn’t high school  

*At any club event where Alcohol is served, member “must” be 21

*No drugs at club events

*No racism will be tolerated within UE

*No Disrespecting other members builds, we are all part of the same thing

*No disrespecting club officers (Pres/VP ect..)  

*State Presidents have the right to add to this list but can not take away 

*State Presidents have the right to remove any member from their state chapter for breaking anything on the UE Code of Conduct

*If you are kicked from UE you must remove anything and everything on your vehicle that connects you with us, failure to do so will bring legal actions upon you. (trademarked name, when you loose rights to use our name we can and will take legal actions if needed)