Graphene Coating

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Compared with our Ceramic Coating, the Graphene Coating has increased durability and allows for extended working time during the application process due to a longer cure time. Our Graphene Coating is also more resistant to water spotting and bird droppings by improved dispersion of heat on the coated surface. 

Use the Boost spray as a cure-time accelerant for the Graphene Coating!


  • Unmatched Hydrobicity
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Reduced Water Spotting Compared to traditional Ceramics
  • Acts as a "sacrificial" layer that takes the beating of daily abuse to protect your paint
  • Multi-Surface Application (Paint, Carbon Fiber)
  • Extreme Slickness and Gloss
  • Size: 50 ml

     Product Durability: 

    • Single Layer: 3-4 Years
    • 2 Layers: 5+ Years
    • We recommend seasonal maintenance using the Boost Multi-Use Sealant to maintain product durability